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Movies from Delery Films
No new posts Delery Films

I was just wondering if any of my readers have some ideas that you might want to elucidate concerning any of Delery Films' movies! Also, do you have any requests for a movie in the futre?

7 Questions and answers... from hnc head man
Last change: 04.04.2007 14:50
Ferdie's Shroud of Turin Search!
No new posts Search for the Shroud...

So far in my search, I think that the Shroud of Turin is the real article. I am writing my book about what I am discovering; I might say that I am maybe 30% into my search. Look at the pictures on to see the face of Jesus.

1 search for face of Jesus... from hnc head man
Last change: 06.04.2007 13:04
Review of movie "300"
No new posts Fine action...

In my opinion, the action in the movie "300" is up there with some of the best in movie history. By the way, I fell in love with the queen (as usual). I wanted to scoop her off the screen into my arms. King Leonidas probabaly would send 300 Spartan warriors after me to chop me up. The movie had some of the most "appealing" (if that would be the word) fight scenes I have ever watched. Visually and cinematographically, "300" is great. Also, I thought the acting was superb.

1 informative review... from hnc head man
Last change: 06.04.2007 01:34
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